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France - October 29, 2003

2 years after visiting Ed Starink for the first time I had the great opportunity to see him again at his home and studio. Especially for this "event" Ed prepared a special demonstration of the way he works.

Based on "Overture" (from his 1993 album "The Synthfony Album") he demonstrated in Dolby Surround how this piece of music is constructed. It was very impressive to see and experience Ed working in his studio.

He showed how every single part of the "Overture" contributes to the whole arrangement. He faded in and out individual tracks which sometimes are inaudible in the final mix known from the album. All in all the arrangement consists of 40 tracks and Ed demonstrated how every single track supplements the arrangement and how it comes to the final result: the album version. Therefore he separated on his SSL mixing desk special units, e.g. the drums, percussions, sequencers, synthesizers. Every track can be reworked with own effects (e.g. echo, reverb etc.) which also can be synchronized to the main melody.

We also talked about his current work and his future plans. Ed changed his former plans into a very extensive project which will take at least 10 years to complete. The thematical content being the universe/space, Ed has already composed (only in his mind and on the paper) more than 300 titles for this gigantic project. Ed devised an innovative musical scale for his compositions, which he is going to implement with his instruments later. He also wants to create new sounds with the synthesizers because he doesn't want to employ preset sounds or samples for it.

The epic scale of Ed's music will be comparable with that of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" (or for the SciFi fans: Frank Herbert's "Dune") and is meant to become the pivotal work of his life. Every detail will have its own theme - for example the gravity, the solar system and so on.

Ed has not yet decided whether to release his epos all at once in about 10 years from now, or bit by bit e.g. every year. He also doesn't know whether he is going to release conventional music in the years to come.  

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