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..:: Ed Starink - Revisited in 2008 ::..

Back to France

In September 2008 I've visited Ed Starink again at his home. After some nice small talk, and a cup of coffee he asked me to come with him in his studio because he wanted to show me a surprise.

Big surprise

Of course Ed Starink is always good for a surprise, and thus I walked unsuspectingly into his studio - into his empty studio!

Almost everything was and still is gone - Fairlight, Synclavier, Jupiter 8, Waldorf Wave, and even the SSL mixing desk!

"I felt like working in a museum"

I asked Ed why he had decided to sell all of his equipment. His answer was brief, but also comprehensible: "I've already changed my setup mainly to Mac and Logic, and most of the old hardware equipment I hadn't used all the time. I felt like working in a museum. And as I'm not a man for nostalgia I decided to make a clear cut."

For me it was quite a shock to see his former studio emptied, but nevertheless I can understand this "clear cut".

Live in the Living Room

Of course Ed still works on his epical project, and while the old equipment is being disposed, Ed arranged an "intermediate studio" in the living room.

He explained his new setup and also pointed out its advantages compared to the old studio hardware. Due to the fact that he uses all available plug-ins for Logic and the best libraries available including thousands of musical instruments of the world, he is sure that the disposal of his old equipment is no loss for his artistic work. In fact he is feeling confident that with the recent setup he most probably will be able to finish his epical project earlier than expected.

He already designed the look for his new studio which will be installed soon.

What happened to the "Museum"?

For now the equipment has been shipped to England where it will be checked, and if necessary also cleaned and repaired. After that it will be auctioneered - the auction will take place from November 1st until November 8th on www.spheremusic.com (VEMIA). For more information please check also our sites regularly or subscribe to the newsletter.

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