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StarinkWorld is the official website of the Dutch composer, pianist, session musician, sound engineer and producer Ed Starink, who set the standards of electronic synthesizer music for the last three decades.

He realized his own visions of the music of Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, and many other Grand Masters of the métier, but did not neglect to create his own highly noteworthy compositions.

Ed Starink in the 70s Ed Starink in 2003/2005 Ed Starink in 2014

As session musician he worked amongst others with The Beach Boys, David Bowie and Frank Boeijen. As sound engineer and producer he was involved in productions of Demis Roussos, Simply Red and many other productions from the 70s till the 90s. But his most successful engagement is still the million-selling Synthesizer Greatest (Synthétiseur) series, conceived and marketed by the Dutch label ARCADE from 1989 until 1996.

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..:: Synthesizer Greatest and Synthétiseur - more than 10 million sold copies! ::..

Synthétiseur - Les Plus Grands Thèmes / 1 million copies sold Synthesizer Greatest - 7 million copies sold

The first two volumes of Synthétiseur - Les Plus Grands Thèmes reached a sale of 1 million copies and the Synthesizer Greatest series reached an incredible sale of 7 million sold copies in 1995.

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