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..:: The Synthesizer Greatest Story ::..

Synthesizer Greatest is a compilation series of the Dutch record label Arcade which has been released on LP record, compact cassette and CD. The first volume has been released in 1989.

Arcade first wanted to release Synthesizer Greatest with original recordings but according to André de Raaff (CEO of Arcade from 1990 until 1999) they failed to realise this idea, because "two major artists didn't want to be on one and the same compilation".

Synthesizer Greatest Volume 1 Synthesizer Greatest Volume 2 Synthesizer Greatest Volume 3

Finally they decided to use the already existing repertoire of Ed Starink's cover-versions of famous synthesizer and electronic music tracks. Especially for the French market the compilation series has been adapted and the name has been changed into Synthétiseur - Les Plus Grands Thèmes.

Synthétiseur - Les Plus Grands Thèmes Synthétiseur 2 - Les Plus Grands Thèmes Synthétiseur 3 - Les Plus Grands Thèmes
Synthesizer Greatest reached the Top10 in many countries. The great success of Synthesizer Greatest led inevitably in finally 6 follow-ups plus 2 albums with classical music as well as the German Synthesizer Greatest - The Moviethemes and several best-ofs. The French series Synthétiseur - Les Plus Grands Thèmes even has 12 volumes (including the classical ones).

Synthétiseur - Les Plus Grands Thèmes / 1 Millions Sold Synthesizer Greatest - 7 Millions Sold

Finally more than 10 million copies have been sold. Thus Synthesizer Greatest / Synthétiseur - Les Plus Grands Thèmes is Arcade's most successful compilation series.

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