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Bernard Wantier Bernard Wantier works mainly under his pseudonym Bernard Minet. He is a wellknown musician and singer in France.

Bernard Wantier realized for example several title songs for famous children/teenager series like "Captain Future" (Capitaine Flam), "The Masters of the Universe" (Musclor), "PowerRangers" (Bioman) and lots of others especially for the French market. He also performs these songs live on stage.

Bernard Wantier appeared 1990/1991 on "Synthesizer Greatest - The Classicial Masterpieces 1 + 2" and on "Synthétiseur 5 + 6 - Les Plus Grands Thèmes Classiques" with some of his adaptions of famous classical music. It is remarkable that he never collaborated with Ed Starink directly. But Ed Starink did the final mix also of Wantier's versions.

In January 2004 StarinkWorld prepared an e-mail interview with Bernard Wantier. The interview was originally conducted in French by Andreas Heinz. Translation by Andreas Heinz.

StarinkWorld: Bernard, the fans of the series "Synthétiseur - Les Plus Grands Thèmes" know your name from the two volumes with the classic titles. Did you do similar projects before or after that?

Bernard Wantier: No, I didn't make similar projects.

StarinkWorld: Only a part of the tracks were created by you, the others were created by Ed Starink who also made the final mixing. Would you have preferred to collaborate rather with Ed Starink directly?

Bernard Wantier: Yes, indeed and I would have adored. I think that all "Synthétiseur" albums which were made by the "master" are remarkable. I have much respect for his work and his success.

StarinkWorld: Do you still remember how and when ARCADE contacted you?

Bernard Wantier: Here is the story. I participated in numerous recordings for Richard Clayderman as percussionist and as drummer. In the year 1985 I even went with him to several countries of our planet (on the percussions). I really appreciated his producers way to work (mainly in studio) Olivier Toussaint, his sharpness, his taste, the spirit and the effectivity of his production. I was shaped and I understood a little bit to observe the working.

I appreciated as everybody the parts "tubes" of any oeuvre, the most beautiful known passages and thus I had the desire to make an album with the classical themes played on synthesizers. And the only record company in France which already made advertisements for synthesizer compilations on TV was Arcade (I believe that they were the first ones who made advertisement on TV here).

I proposed the idea to a friend who worked for Arcade (by taking moreover reference to Richard Clayderman). He asked the head office of Arcade about it and I have to thank a lot here Ed Starink, to have agreed to share this album because Ed had already made the classic titles (what I did not know then). Indeed I discovered later a very beautiful Bolero of Ravel.

And later I understood that Arcade and Ed needed neither my idea nor me. Thus sincerely a big "thank you" to Ed for his good spirit in this affair.

StarinkWorld: A lot of people know you only under your pseudonym "Bernard Minet". Why did you use your real name for the two Synthétiseur-CDs?

Bernard Wantier: Bernard Minet is as you said a pseudonym (Bernard is my first name and Minet a nickname, which is connected to me since I am 17 years old). And as this disc was for me a "noble" product and a product of quality I preferred to sign it with my true name.

StarinkWorld: Some time ago the series "Synthesizer Greatest" were re-released in the Netherlands, but only regular volumes (without the classical themes). Would you have wished that also the classical volumes were re-released?

Bernard Wantier: Yes, by the way I don't understand why they didn't make it with the classics while they release dozens of times all of their other products. Ed, we have to remix! And I'll come. And we are going to re-release them all over the world! ;-)

StarinkWorld: Did you record the classic titles only with synthesizers or also with an orchestra?

Bernard Wantier: Here I do not really understand your question, because for me it was exactly this the challenge to make everything with synthesizers. In his versions Ed also used real instruments?

StarinkWorld: Yes, he used synthesizers together with real instruments/orchestra.

StarinkWorld: In France in September 2003 was a new "Synthétiseur" compilation (with cover versions by Ed Starink) released. Do you believe that the synthesizer music will have a new boom like those revivals of the 70s and 80s?

Bernard Wantier: Synthesizer music is eternal.

StarinkWorld: Which projects are you doing at the moment and what are you planning for the future?

Bernard Wantier: At the present I make the "clown" on stage by singing for young people (from 17 to 30 years) in France, Switzerland and Belgium. I sing the credits of TV series of their childhood which I sang then on the TV from 1987 to 1997 when they were small. I make it with a lot of enjoyment and pleasure. It is a very beautiful adventure and all these young people are adorable.

The future, we shall see, the music business changed as well, but the singers from 60 to 85 years make box sets here, then I still have the time!

For this synthesizer project I also would like to honour Ricard Lornac, an excellent musician/pianist who was for me a very big help.

Thank you still Ed, to have agreed to share this productions with me, I wish you all the very best and lots of more other successes.

May the force always be with you.

StarinkWorld: Thank you for the interview, Bernard.

The photo is used with courtesy of Bernard Wantier himself.
We would like to thank Bernard for his kind cooperation.

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