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Edwin Schimscheimer Edwin Schimscheimer is a Dutch musician, arranger and composer.

In the 90s he worked for Ed Starink as arranger, for example for "The Queen Songbook" and "The Abba Songbook". He also composed and arranged music for the "Moods" series which has been released by Arcade Music.

In 1992 his song "Wijs me de weg" (performed by Humphrey Campbell) placed #9 at the Eurovision Song Contest.

In December 2010 StarinkWorld prepared an e-mail interview with Edwin Schimscheimer. The interview was conducted in English by Andreas Heinz.

StarinkWorld: Edwin, you are a very versatile musician. For example you play piano, do arrangements, compose for yourself and others or compose musicals. Do you have a favorite work you prefer to do?

Edwin Schimscheimer: The best part for me lies in creating things. Start with nothing and from silence comes a small idea, which can grow out to something special or even a symphony. Then giving form to the composition or song. Once I've brought the idea to reality I'm in for a new one.

StarinkWorld: You did also compose music for kids, for example "Het Tietenlied" ("The tits song") for the children TV programme "Kinderen voor kinderen" ("Kids for kids") or many songs for the Dutch children TV programme "Willem Wever". Do you enjoy working with and composing for children?

Edwin Schimscheimer: Yes I enjoy that very much. I also arrange already 10 years for the "Kinderprinsengrachtconcert" - a mixture between a Symphonic Orchestra and a band. And it's so wonderful to give those young children the feeling that they are doing well and stimulate them with what they are doing.

StarinkWorld: Do you remember when you met Ed Starink the first time and how you both began your cooperation?

Edwin Schimscheimer: I was hired as a session musician to record jingles for a Dutch broadcast company and we did that in Ed's studio in Huizen. Soon after that he asked me if I was interested to work for his label as an arranger/producer.

StarinkWorld: For Ed's label Star Inc. you've arranged several compilations, for example "The Abba Songbook" or "The Queen Songbook". Did you work on site at Ed's studio or at your own studio?

Edwin Schimscheimer: In the beginning I worked in other studios and also a lot at Ben Uijtjens' studio "Balance Recording". Later on I built my own studio and it became a combination of working in different studios. I also recorded vocals/choir in London.

StarinkWorld: Can you tell us something about your approach how you arrange a title from Abba or Queen?

Edwin Schimscheimer: Well the hardest part was to write down the music in every detail and that was at the same time for me of course a very good training. I knew that Ed had about the "best ears" I ever met so I had to come up with exactly the right notes/score. Once I had the right notes I could play with them and also use my own ideas in terms of orchestration etc.

StarinkWorld: Was Ed also involved as musician in these productions?

Edwin Schimscheimer: He wasn't really involved. He gave me his trust and the money of course. But sometimes he came to listen in the studio and when the project was finished we did a listening session. And he could be very critical but also gave me his compliments.

StarinkWorld: Did you enjoy working with/for Ed?

Edwin Schimscheimer: I think after all I can say that it was such a fantastic training for me arranging all those different styles of music, producing, playing, programming, conducting, organising and working with so many different people, dealing with time schedules etc.

One of my best memories is that Ed later "forced" me to write a fuga out of my head. Never thought I could do it but thanks to his great teaching I did it.

StarinkWorld: Would you like to make such kind of productions again?

Edwin Schimscheimer: Yes, why not although I think that those projects/CDs belonged to that specific time.

StarinkWorld: In 1992 you've composed the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. With "Wijs me de weg" ("Show me the way") the Netherlands reached position 9 with 67 points in the contest. Are you proud that you contributed for your country with a successful composition?

Edwin Schimscheimer: Yes I'm proud it was my song my lyrics and I wrote the arrangement for the "Metropole Orchestra" and I played for the record and on TV the accordion. And after doing that it opened several doors for me in Holland.

StarinkWorld: If you compare for example "Het tietenlied", a song for children, and "Wijs me de weg", a song for a competition, do you have different approaches when you compose those songs?

Edwin Schimscheimer: "Wijs me de weg" - in that song I've put everything I was on that moment in time 1992. The lyrics of "Het Tietenlied" were from Coot van Doesburgh. So I wasn't so emotional about that song which made it in a way easier to write.

StarinkWorld: Can you to tell us something about the setup of your studio?

Edwin Schimscheimer: Well, I'm working out of my head as well as from my Yamaha C3 Grand Piano. I have several acoustic guitars. Then I'm changing right now my studio set up; more simple etc.

I work with an Apple 8 core comp, 2 big screens, RME audio converter, Adam/Genelec speakers, lots and lots of plugin instruments especially the East West stuff which I like very much.

I have several keyboards: Kurzweil, Yamaha ES90, M-Audio and still some modules: Yamaha Motif, Roland, Korg. For scoring I use Sibelius 6 and for little ideas Garageband.

StarinkWorld: Which hobbies do you have besides music?

Edwin Schimscheimer: Photography, spirituality, reading, people, love, thinking too much.

StarinkWorld: Thank you very much for the interview, Edwin.

Edwin Schimscheimer: Thank you, Andy, and lots of success!

The photo is used with courtesy of Edwin Schimscheimer himself.
We would like to thank Edwin for his kind cooperation.

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