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Edward Reekers Edward Reekers is a wellknown musician and singer in the Netherlands. He is, inter alia, the lead singer of the Dutch progressive rock band "Kayak".

In the past he worked with Ed Starink as a session singer, for example on the "Alan Parsons Songbook". He also performed on Ed's song "Vicious Circle" for which he also wrote the lyrics.

In April 2009 StarinkWorld prepared an e-mail interview with Edward Reekers. The interview was conducted in English by Andreas Heinz.

StarinkWorld: Edward, you are a wellknown musician, singer and composer. Do you remember how and when you've discovered your musicality?

Edward Reekers: I've been involved in music eversince I was a child. At the age of 3 I started to play the harmonica and I've been singing as long as I can remember. The moment I decided I wanted to become a professional musician was the first time I heard "Across the universe" by the Beatles.

StarinkWorld: Do you have a certain musical education?

Edward Reekers: I took piano lessons for about 4 years and later on in my career I did a course in reading and writing music. When I joined my first professional band I took a couple of singing lessons.

StarinkWorld: Which instruments, besides your great voice, do you play?

Edward Reekers: I play keyboards and percussion.

StarinkWorld: Today you are a long-time member of the Dutch progressive rock band "Kayak", but you joined the band in 1978 to replace the former singer Max Werner who still stayed as drummer. Do you remember how the band contacted you to become their new singer?

Edward Reekers: A friend of mine pointed out to me that Kayak were looking for a new singer. He suggested that I'd send in a tape. I didn't think I had a chance but my friend kept urging me to send that tape. When I finally did - mostly to stop my friend from bugging me - I got a phonecall not more than a week later inviting me to audition.

StarinkWorld: You also did solo albums and recently you've released your third album. Do you feel any differences while working in a band like "Kayak" and on your own projects?

Edward Reekers: There's a big difference. In a band you work together and everybody does his/her part. With a solo project you yourself are the motor. Every decision that has to be made, you make yourself. If you don't do anything the project will come to a halt. You have the freedom to do what you want but also the full responsability. I like doing both, though.

StarinkWorld: Are there other projects or bands for which you perform(ed) as singer/musician?

Edward Reekers: I did some singing for the Ayreon project.

Recently I have been a part of a project called "Motel Westcoast". We were 4 singers and a 5 piece band doing all the beautiful songs from the American Westcoast, like Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Andrew Gold, Venice etc.

StarinkWorld: In your career you also worked with Ed Starink. Can you tell something about the period when you both met for the first time?

Edward Reekers: I started working for Ed in the 1980's. First of all I was a session singer and I did a number of albums for him. We always enjoyed being in eachothers company.

StarinkWorld: How did you experience working with Ed?

Edward Reekers: It was nice. Ed is a professional and so am I. We don't settle for "almost okay" we want the best results. And it's a lot of fun if you both want to work that way!

StarinkWorld: You wrote the lyrics of the song "Vicious Circle" which has been released only on "Synth├ętiseur 12". Can you tell something about this song, for example whether it has a special meaning to you, and how it has been produced by you and Ed?

Edward Reekers: Ed told me he wanted to try and write a song together. He came up with the music for "Vicious Circle" and I had the idea about writing about something like that already for some time. So I wrote the lyrics and we recorded it.

StarinkWorld: Do you have a favorite song or moment from that time with Ed Starink?

Edward Reekers: As I said, I always liked working with Ed. He was always relaxed and easy going but still a perfectionist. We got along great!

StarinkWorld: In Germany you are also known for the music of an ice-cream commercial ("Langnese") which you perform yourself. Did you also write the German lyrics of "So schmeckt der Sommer"?

Edward Reekers: No I didn't write the lyrics for that. I was asked to do a commercial as a session singer. They knew my German was fairly good. The commercial turned out to be such a succes that they made a single out of it.

StarinkWorld: Are there other versions of this song, for example in other languages?

Edward Reekers: I think there is an English version somewhere. And there is a follow up called "So schmilzt der Winter".

StarinkWorld: Did you also compose music for other commercials?

Edward Reekers: I wrote the music for a couple of commercials. Mostly for childrens toys.

StarinkWorld: Besides being a musician you also do some acting and lip-synchronisation. Is this for you a kind of relief to your "musical side"?

Edward Reekers: I wouldn't call it a relief. I love to do different things with my voice. Dubbing can be a lot of fun! I also translate and direct dubbing projects. For instance I direct the Harry Potter films in Dutch.

StarinkWorld: Do you have any hobbies?

Edward Reekers: Well, my work is my hobby as well. I sometimes say: I'm a professional father and I do music on the side as a hobby. I love my family very much and when I'm not working I like to spend time with them and cook for them.

StarinkWorld: Thank you very much for the interview, Edward.

Edward Reekers: You're most welcome and say "hi" to Ed for me!

Photography by: Peter de Bock
The photo is used with courtesy of Edward Reekers himself.
We would like to thank Edward for his kind cooperation.

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