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I receive spam e-mails from at least one of your TLD's starink(-)world.com|.de|.net and edstarink.com|.de|.net don't you do anything against it?

Of course we do, but those e-mails aren't sent from our mailserver. Those e-mails are sent with fake senders and then it seems on the first sight that you receive those e-mails from us. Please note that we can do nothing against faked e-mails as they are out of our range of influence! We recommend to use spamfilters like "Greylisting" and/or "Policyd Weight".

Why don't you update the site on a regularly base?

Although this is the official website about Ed Starink we do this in our private time. We have our jobs which have the main priority - therefore there might be always some delay. On the other hand there is no possibility for a regular update because things usually don
't happen regularly! Usually we'll keep the site as updated as possible.

Why is the site in English only? In the past there were also versions in Dutch, French, and German.

As we are only two guys who run this site it is nearly impossible to update all 4 versions. Therefore we decided to update only the English version. As a consequence of that decision we abandoned the other 3 versions. But some articles (e.g. the first interview) are still available in several translations!

Can I contact Ed Starink personally?

Yes and no. Finally it depends on the kind of your request. All requests sent to Ed
's address stated on this site will be filtered manually by the administrators of this site. If they are positive we will forward them to Ed Starink. But don't expect an immediate answer - he is very busy!


Is it true that Ed Starink had been sued for his cover albums?

's a very common rumour, but it lacks any basis. Ed had never been sued because everything he did was and still is legally covered. (please note the nice pun!)

Is Mike Starink the son of Ed Starink?

, he is not.

some sites is stated that Ed Starink did also arrangements for Jean Michel Jarre - is that true?

No. Ed Starink worked never for/with Jean Michel Jarre.
Usually those statements are erroneous database entries. But he did of course arrangements of Jarre's music for the cover albums.  

Ed Starink

Is it possible to visit Ed Starink at home or at his studio?

As he prefers to keep his privacy safe it is unfortunately not possible to arrange any visits.

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