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Lex Bolderdijk Lex Bolderdijk (Alexander Bolderdijk) is a Dutch guitar player and session musician.

In the 80s he worked also for world-famous Austrain popsinger Falco and was hired for many other productions.

In the 90s he worked for Ed Starink under the pseudonym Alex Bollard and produced many albums such as "The Alan Parsons Songbook", "Back to the 60s (The rocking Guitar of Alex Bollard)", "Pink Rock, Super Sounds of the 70s" (Pink Floyd) or "Tears in Heaven (A Collection of Eric Clapton Hits)".

In December 2010 StarinkWorld prepared an e-mail interview with Lex Bolderdijk. The interview was conducted in English by Andreas Heinz.

StarinkWorld: Lex, do you remember how and when you've discovered your musicality and can you remember the key moment that your instrument is the guitar?

Lex Bolderdijk: Take a look at my website by "Biography".

StarinkWorld: Do you have other guitar players, bands or other musicians as inspirational source or even as idols?

Lex Bolderdijk: Shadows, John McLaughlin, Ry Cooder and as an idol Jeff Beck.

StarinkWorld: Can you tell us something about your musical education and professional career?

Lex Bolderdijk: Again the website, very handy!

StarinkWorld: As session musician you worked besides for Ed Starink also for artists such as the Dolly Dots, Rob de Nijs or even the world-famous Austrian Falco. What memories do you have from that time and kind of work?

Lex Bolderdijk: No special memories, it's a job.

StarinkWorld: You have also projects of your own for which you composed and arranged the music. How important is it for you as a session musician, who mainly has to serve the ideas of others, to achieve your own musically visions?

Lex Bolderdijk: It is always very important to devellop your own creativity.It also helps me and the the people I work for as a session player. You are invited for a recording session for your input.

StarinkWorld: What is your technique for composing music?

Lex Bolderdijk: There is no technique,it just happens.

StarinkWorld: Is there any project (yours or others) for which you have special memories?

Lex Bolderdijk: I went to Hawaii to record with Eddy Ouwens (Danny Mirror).It was great! I also did a tour with Chris Hinze in India. That really influenced me.

StarinkWorld: In your career you also worked as already mentioned with Ed Starink. Can you tell something about the period when you both met for the first time?

Lex Bolderdijk: I don't remember how we first met.I guess he just called me up.

StarinkWorld: How did you experience working with Ed?

Lex Bolderdijk: He had a lot of work for me and that was very good of course.It was hard work because Ed was always very precise. But that's OK because I like it when people know what they want. Then I can keep my own ideas to myself. I also remember the very nice lunches provided by Nicolette! Later he asked me to make some compilation CD's for the Star Inc. label. That was a lot of work and kept me really busy. Good for me! And most of the time very nice to do.

StarinkWorld: Did you record the guitar for the projects for Ed's Star Inc. label in your or in his studio?

Lex Bolderdijk: His productions we did in his studio.The productions I did for him we did in various studios, because I didn't have a studio at the time.

StarinkWorld: Can you tell us why you've chosen the pseudonym "Alex Bollard" for these productions?

Lex Bolderdijk: I have nothing to do with that! The name was made up (I think by Foppe Damstee).

StarinkWorld: Did you use other pseudonyms than Alex Bollard?

Lex Bolderdijk: There was also a guy named Lex van Dyke. I never used them.They were made up for the project I was working on at the time.That's OK with me.

StarinkWorld: Did you also compose music for other genres like e.g. for commercials?

Lex Bolderdijk: Last year they used my music for a commercial.That's very interesting (moneywise). Maybe later they gonna use some more.I certainly hope so!

StarinkWorld: Can you to tell us something about the layout of your studio?

Lex Bolderdijk: I have a nice studio in my house (about 25 m²). Now I use Cubase 4 and that's enough for me so far. Of course I have some plug-ins (reverbs and effects and Guitar-rig). I mostly record "real" instruments (percussion,vocals and of course a lot of guitars).

StarinkWorld: Which hobbies do you have besides music?

Lex Bolderdijk: Travelling! The last couple of years I spend about 3 or 4 months in Thailand. Maybe in the future I'm gonna live there!

StarinkWorld: Thank you very much for the interview, Lex.

Lex Bolderdijk: Your welcome. Good luck.

The photo is used with courtesy of Lex Bolderdijk himself.
We would like to thank Lex for his kind cooperation.

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