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Ed Starink released his new project in May 2012. He had this gigantic project in mind since he was a child and started preparing/composing in 2002. After almost ten years he completed the Piano Works, the first part of the Universe Symphony.

For this project Ed invented a special musical scale for his compositions. The Piano Works consist of several, very different composition and arrangement techniques like for example dodecaphony and polytonality. The musical spectrum covers Avant-garde as well as contemporary classical (piano) music to express the organised chaos in the Universe.

But Ed Starink did not merely compose music to limn the outer space. He studied the asterisms, stars and the galaxies as well as astronomical facts to be able to catalogue (at least a part) the Universe and based and inspired by the collected facts he composed his musical vision of the space.

Ed created ten albums with 86 tracks and more than ten hours of music in total. The music is available on the established download websites such as iTunes™ (links below).

To give you a foretaste to this project we provide you with the two written introductions. One by Ed Starink and one by Felix Visser (Synton), a good friend of Ed Starink.

· Introduction, Ed Starink (PDF)

· Foreword, Felix Visser (PDF)

Further we provide you hereafter with the relevant sheet-musics for all 86 pieces of the Universe Symphony (Piano Works) including the two general and 15 specific introductions about the construction of the Universe (Symphony):

· The Construction of the Universe Symphony (PDF)

· The Construction of the Arp Peculiar Galaxies (PDF)

· Part 1 - Pleiades (PDF)
· Part 2 - Southern Cross (PDF)
· Part 3 - The Sail (PDF)
· Part 4 - False Cross (PDF)
· Part 5 - Little Dipper (PDF)
· Part 6 - Kids (PDF)
· Part 7 - Hyades (PDF)
· Part 8 - Sickle (PDF)
· Part 9 - Big Dipper (PDF)
· Part 10 - Whale's Head (PDF)
· Part 11 - Orion's Belt (PDF)
· Part 12 - Orion's Sword (PDF)
· Part 13 - Arp Peculiar Galaxies (PDF)
· Part 14 - Object Types (PDF)
· Part 15 - Catalogs (PDF)

· Sheet Music: Asterisms - Piano Suites (ZIP)
· Sheet Music: Asterisms - Piano Pieces (ZIP)
· Sheet Music: Arp Pecualiar Galaxies - Piano Pieces (ZIP)
· Sheet Music: Object-Types - Piano Pieces (ZIP)
· Sheet Music: Catalogs - Piano Pieces (ZIP)

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